No more duck-face. Introducing the Selfie Filter…

Selfies get a bad rep. But not all selfies are  bad. There are some great ones out there – astronauts, celebrities, rollerblading giraffes (probably). So why shouldn’t they be the ones we see all the time?

The Selfie Filter
‘An incredibly complex algorithm at work’ – scientists.

Now you can download the Selfie Filter. An app you can get for your phone which decides on behalf of the rest of the social media world whether your selfie is worthy of that tweet, Instagram or Facebook post.

It works with your phone’s camera to give your selfie a rating based on a number of  factors, including:

– Are you currently orbiting the earth at about 28,000 kmph?
– Surrounded by Hollywood celebrities (and Liza Manelli)?
– Is there a hippopotamus photobombing your shot?

If your selfie doesn’t meet these stringent requirements as well as other, totally serious and not at all made up ones, then the Selfie Filter will ask you to start again and offer up some tips on selfie taking from selfie experts from around the world.

To get started, just download our free Selfie Filter app by clicking here.

Sorry, Davina from Merthyr Tydfill, you’re going to have to put a bit more thought into your selfie next time

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