Movie-apps The O2 Arena is a Mecca for music fans, but for three days in August, it's set to be the only place to be for film aficionados too. Empire magazine's Big Screen event from 12-14 August promises to bring the best of Hollywood to London, with a long weekend packed with previews of unreleased blockbusters, premieres, film masterclasses and even A-list attendees. 

Can't wait? To whet your appetite further, we've pulled together the ten must have movie apps for you to download on your O2 mobile. Read on to meet them!

Movies by Flixster

Free (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone)

If you're a cinema goer, you simply cannot continue to exist without installing this app. You can read reviews, view trailers, and most importantly, make use of your phone's GPS to see what's on now, near you. Essential. 

IMDb Movies & TV

Free (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)

IMDb is the go-to app for anything and everything you need to know about film. From plot summaries and top quotes to who the "best boy" on set was. The IMDb app makes it easy to pull up all this trivia on your smartphone, so you’ll never be stumped at the cinema again. 


Free (iPhone)

If you're a movie buff, chances are you're already signed up to Lovefilm’s DVD rental and online streaming service – in which case, this'll be right up your street. You can check out trailers, and more usefully, add films to your queue, change their priority and rate them so others can see what you thought. A must-have for movie fans who love nights in as much as nights out.  

BBC iPlayer

Free (Android, web for iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia)

Sure, BBC iPlayer can sometimes seem like Dr-Who-On-Demand and nothing more, but the Films section is stuffed full of gems too. What’s more, you can watch them straight from your phone. Depending on what Auntie's aired, you can find anything from black and white classics to the latest Pixar efforts: at the time of writing, the epic Blade Runner was available to watch. For free. Now, tell us you’re not already installing it?


Free (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)

This is it: the reason smartphones were invented. This genius app tells you when it's safe to duck out to the toilet during a movie by notifying you of a "boring" bit coming up. Not only that, it provides you with a synopsis of the first five minutes of films, in case you arrive late to your seat. Simply brilliant. 


Free (iPhone, Android)

Three different apps, granted, but they all get the same job done: see what's on at your local cinema, and buy tickets on the go. All three chains are kind enough to provide both iPhone and Android options too, which is nice. Search for the one that’s closest to you in either the iTunes App Store, or Android Marketplace.


Free (iPhone, web for Android)

If you’re looking for silly videos of cats, head to YouTube. If you’re looking for something more mind-tingling, check out Vimeo. You’ll find must-see short films, beautifully shot vignettes and fascinating documentaries. You can watch most clips online straight from your iPhone or Android device, while the former boasts a separate app that even lets you edit video too. Great fun. 


£1.49 iPhone, £1.21 Android

MovieVault is a must-buy for vintage film fans. For the one off, upfront price you can watch more than 1,000 different films from the yesteryears of Hollywood, right on your phone. Sure, there's a reason they don't cost much for the most part, but there are some masterpieces tucked away in the list, with titles starring the likes of John Wayne. Best of all for movie buffs, there are even some Roger Corman cult hits.


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