Money-saving-tips Sure, you’ve got your brand new phone and you’re happy with it. But how would you like your brand new phone, and some money saved besides? That’s a question we’ve been pondering today: naturally, we turned to O2’s trusty Gurus for the answers. Read on, and they’ll show you how to have your cake and eat it.

How to save O2 Rewards on Pay & Go

Opt in to O2 Rewards and you’ll get something for nothing on a regular basis. Here, Guru Nick explains just how you can save these with a single text message, and save them away for a rainy day.

How to spend O2 Rewards on vouchers

Discover how your O2 Rewards can be converted into vouchers for big name high street chores, with a few simple button clicks.

How to set up and use International Favourites

Guru Angela explains how to set up O2’s Bolt On for calling friends, family and loved ones abroad.

How to avoid overspending on data and calls when abroad

If you’ve got a smartphone, be extra careful when traveling abroad that you don’t run up bills with excessive data use. Here, O2 shows you just how to do that.

How to recycle your phone with O2 Recycle

We’ve already gone into detail on how to recycle your old phone, and make money in the process with O2 Recycle, but here’s a quick recap from O2 Guru Jack.

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