Comic-book-apps Batman Live graces the O2 Arena in London this week, and we’ve gone comic mad. As well as going behind the scenes to discover how the dark knight made the leap to the stage, we’ve rounded up our favourite comic book apps of all time right here. Whatever platform you pledge allegiance to, we’ve got something for you. Read on!

Marvel Comics
iPhone/iPad: Free to download app
It really doesn’t get any better than this, especially on a tablet: it’s a candy shop of hundreds of series from the comic publishing monolith, old and new. Purchases are synced to the cloud and you can read them just like an old-school paper comic. Utterly engrossing.

DC Comics
Android/iPhone/iPad/Windows Phone: Free to download app
Holy similar concept Batman! Marvel arch-rival DC Comics has an almost identical service for your mobile or tablet, letting you indulge in all the antics of the likes of Batman, Superman and the Green Lantern, past and present.

Android/iPhone/iPad: Free
If eastern animation is more your thing, get thee to an app store and download anime hub Crunchyroll. It’s stuffed full of manga to read and episodes to watch including break-out series Naruto and Bleach.

Android/iPhone/iPad: Free
It’s the newsagent of comic book apps, with, selections from big names including both Marvel and DC, along with other leading publishers including Image Comics and Red 5.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty
Android/iPhone/iPad: £0.60/£2.99
Once upon a time, movie promotions came inside cereal boxes: now you get fully blown, gorgeous arcade games on your mobile. Here you play as First Avenger, ploughing through the evil followers of Hydra, and causing all sorts of pain with that instantly recognisable shield.

Viz – Roger’s Profanisaurus
iPhone: £2.99
If you’re less about crime fighting and more about humour, check out this spin-off app from famous British comic Viz. It’s a dictionary of potty mouth words, that’s as hilarious as it is blue.

iPhone/iPad: £1.49
Less about reading and more about creating, this handy app lets you knock up your own strips, giving your snaps that Roy Lichtenstein effect, piecing them together and sharing them with your friends once you’re done.

Comic Reader Mobi
Android/BlackBerry/iPhone/iPad/Windows Phone
We couldn’t leave BlackBerry users high and dry without an app to call their own: this little fella lets you import all sorts of file types, and intelligently zooms in and out of frames, making best use of the relatively small screen.

The Simpsons Arcade
iPhone: £0.69
EA’s official arcade game sees Homer bashing and d’ohing his way through 25 levels as he tries to scoff as many donuts as he can, with excellent touchscreen controls.

Archie Comics
iPhone/iPad: Free
Too young to remember Archie Comics? Not to fear: you can trawl through the archives with this super free iOS app. Everything from The Cartoon Life of Chuck Clayton to Sonic The Hedgehog awaits!

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