Technology has undoubtedly become part of our everyday lives, from the way we listen to music to the way we watch TV – it’s even worked its way into our kitchens! This week we asked award-winning blogger Emily Leary to put on her Guru hat and take a look at the coolest kit to get kids cooking over the Easter holidays.

If there’s one thing that gets kids interested in food prep, it’s the chance to push buttons and make things flash, whizz and hum. Here’s my pick of the top tech to get kids passionate about food.

1. Your smart phone or tablet

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One of the best gadgets for getting your kids cooking in the kitchen is probably already on your counter top. Your smartphone or tablet has access to hundreds or superb kitchen-related apps.

My favourites for cooking as a family include:

  • GE Brillion remote oven controller on iPhone- Great for keeping kids in control without letting them near the hot oven, this app will actually manage temperature and cooking time through your smart phone. Very cool.
  • Foodgawker on iPhone – a collection of the web’s best and most beautiful recipes, organized into visual bookmarks and searchable by category or keyword. Irresistible cooking inspiration for all ages.
  • Evernote Food on iOS and Android – collect and save your favourite family recipes into one place.

2. Messless Chocolate Milk Mixing Mug

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Calcium is important for kids’ bones, and every parent knows that mixing in a bit of chocolate powder improves your chances of getting them to glug a glass, but what about if you present it in a mug that stirs itself?

It’s too cool to say no to, I reckon, and they could also use it to mix up wet cooking ingredients when helping with baking.

3. Cuisinart Soup Maker#

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Soup makers are pure genius, in my opinion. You just throw in roughly chopped veg, press a couple of buttons, wait 20ish minutes and out comes smooth, piping hot soup. Crazily useful.

So, take the kids to the supermarket, let them choose what veg they want (the pre-chopped ones are great for quick meals) and then let them fill up and operate the soup maker. That’s one way to get them eating their veg!

4. Digital Scales Measuring Jug

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Kids love the measuring part of cooking – especially when it involves tipping bags of flour everywhere.

This funky little gadget combines digital weighing scales with a jug handle and can be reset as you add each ingredient – much less mess, much more fun.

5. Countertop snow cone maker

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Iced desserts are perfect fun for kids during the summer and this little countertop snow cone maker is beyond cool.

Now, snow cones and slushies from the store are generally full of E numbers and refined sugar, but you can make snow cones at home with fruit juice and purees.

The kids get to have the coolest gadget on their street and you get them eating one of their five a day. Win.

6. Twirling Spaghetti Fork

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So you’ve got them cooking, but now you’re struggling to get them to sit down to dinner? This twirling spaghetti fork should win their interest.

Not only is it a battery operated marvel that twists the pasta on to the prongs all by itself, it also looks like some kind of rocket/racecar hybrid. That’s a win-win in any kid’s book, right?

> Emily (@AMummyToo)

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