Looking for the perfect phone to buy a friend or family member this Christmas but not sure what to pick up? We can help – tis the season to go shopping, fa la la la la la la…

We asked Ben Bevins from our devices team what to watch out for when you’re shopping for a new phone – here are his top ten tips:

Apps: Lots of new phones can download apps, so take a look at what’s available for the phone before you buy it. Having thousands of apps is great but quantity doesn’t always mean quality – it doesn’t matter if there are millions of apps if they’re all useless and cost money!

Screen: Make sure the phone’s screen is suitable for your needs – is it the right size? If it’s a touch screen, check how responsive it feels when you touch it.

WiFi: Having WiFi built into a phone means you can get online faster when you’re at home or out in a WiFi hotspot. If the person you’re buying the phone for loves their data, this is worth looking for.

Email: If the person you’re buying for will be using email on the phone, make sure it works how you’d expect. Not all phones manage email the same way.

Look for something different: Gone are the days when we all need to look the same – imagine turning up to a party where everyone was wearing the same clothes! Choose something different, that the person you’re giving the phone to can make unique. Something that screams their name!

Camera: Know your megapixels! If you’re looking to take snaps to keep on your phone or Facebook, a 3 megapixel (MP) camera will be perfect for you. If you’re planning on printing them out, look for 5MP and above.

Memory: The amount of memory in the phone will affect how it’s used, so make sure it has enough built-in for what you need or has a slot for a memory card. At O2 we have a range of memory cards available for if your needs change.

Accessories: Don’t forget to accessorise. At O2 you can pick up screen protectors, cases, speakers, car kits and much more – make sure you pick up what you need!

Style: Make sure you choose a phone that suits the person you’re buying it for. O2 sells a range of phones in different styles and colours, some exclusive to us.

Environmentally friendly: If you’re buying a phone for someone who has a passion for the planet, check the phone’s Eco Rating and see how green it is before you buy.

Returns policy: No matter how much thought you put into it, the phone may still need to go back so check the returns policy. Over Christmas we’re extending the amount of time you’ve got to return a phone – talk to our team in store if you're buying a phone as a gift.

Have you got your own phone buying top tip? Let us know in the comments…

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