Smartphones and tablets are great for keeping us all connected, entertained and productive on the move. So the last thing we’d want is to have them stolen. That’s why this month we’ve got a guest author from the British Transport Police.

Here are 5 top tips on how to keep your phone and tablet safe whilst out and about on the tubes and trains.

My name is Steve and I work for the British Transport Police Pickpocket Squad, known as the Dip Squad. Our Dip Squad patrols the London Underground network and is the only dedicated unit of its kind in the world.

Our knowledge of how pickpockets work is second to none, with knowledge and experience continually shared throughout the team.

The squad is totally focused on reducing theft on the London Underground network and at London’s mainline stations. We have plain clothes officers out on the underground system everyday of the week and last year we arrested around 700 pickpockets.

  1. Always make sure your bag is zipped closed

The harder you make it for thieves to get inside your bag the better. With your bag unzipped, it’s easier for someone to see and steal what you’ve got inside.

  1. Carry bags in front of you with the flaps against your body

Just by moving your rucksack or handbag around to your front during your  journey, substantially reduces the chances of you losing your valuables. .

  1. Don’t put your phone in your back trouser pocket

Removing a mobile phone from a back pocket is one of the easiest techniques for a pickpocket to use. I know people always think they would feel somebody take a phone from a back pocket but trust me, I have seen it happen a thousand times.. Always try and place your phone in an inside pocket.

  1. Stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you when using your phone in public

With WiFi now available on the tube network it’s great that more and more  people can keep using their phones underground. But just keep aware of other people who can also see your device when you’re using it.

  1. Make sure your phone is registered

If your phone is registered it makes it so much easier for police to trace and return your phone. We normally trace a theft and property within hours of arresting suspects – but not having your phone registered can make this task more complicated.  You can register your phone, tablet and other valuables on for free. Installing a tracker application on your smartphone can also help us trace your device if it’s stolen.

Thefts on the underground have fallen dramatically in the last year.

The chances of you losing your device to theft are slim, but proactively following these tips can reduce the chances even more.

To keep vigilant and see videos of some of the common tactics used by thieves, visit 

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