• 63% of Brits prefer to text rather than call their loved ones
  • Over a third of people in the UK cancel dates using text
  • Three times as many people prefer their partner to call on Valentine’s Day rather than text
  • Three quarters of Brits take the easy way out and send a text to avoid personal confrontation

  Research revealed today by O2 shows that Brits are bashful when it comes to love with 63% of people admitting they find it easier to arrange a first date by text and over a third of people have gone so far as to stand someone up in a text message. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, three times as many people prefer to receive a phone call from their loved one rather than a text message.   There’s no disputing that mobile phones have become central to our love lives and O2 is calling upon people to pick up the phone and talk to each other this Valentine’s Day in a bid to bring real communication back into the dating game.  And to urge the public and their customers to get some romance back into their relationships, O2 Retail stores will be hosting special ‘love clinics’ on Saturday 11th February.   The O2 survey reveals that we are a nation of scaredy cats – over 70% percent of Brits send text messages as a way of avoiding a personal confrontation and a shocking one in ten people have been dumped by text. Women are more heartless when it comes to text break ups as 13% have dumped someone by text compared to only 10% of men.   According to the survey, Scots are the biggest heart breakers, with over one in five people living in Scotland admitting to dumping their partner via text message.  In contrast, the Welsh are the biggest babies when it comes to facing reality, with 80% of people living in Wales sending text messages as a way of avoiding personal confrontation.   Commenting on the research, Jenni Trent Hughes, Relationship Psychologist says “It is quite common for people to break up around holidays such as Valentine’s Day and New Year as these are the times we are most under pressure to be happy and fulfil sometimes unrealistic expectations. The key to a successful relationship is communication. Letting each other know how you feel and working through problems when they arise. A loving text can set your heart a flutter but nothing works as well as the sound of your loved one’s voice. Also with a conversation you can be certain that there are no misunderstandings or crossed signals. So if you want to set your partner’s pulse racing, then talking is the way to go.”       AVOID MOBILE RELATIONSHIP MELTDOWN Don’t let a mobile ruin your love life – Use O2’s top ten mobile tips to keep you lucky in love

  1. Texting to cancel a date is unacceptable – 160 characters is not long enough to explain your lack of thoughtfulness
  2. Avoid sending texts whilst angry – 160 characters is certainly not enough for a decent argument and can be misinterpreted
  3. Avoid relationship anxiety by calling your partner at least once a day to check in
  4. Avoid embarrassing mix ups by only holding one text conversation at a time – your boss doesn’t need to know about the new undies you just bought
  5. Set your phone to vibrate when in meetings – you may not be able to read your partner’s messages, but you’ll still get a ‘kick’ knowing that he/she has texted
  6. Setting ‘your song’ as your ringtone will win you untold brownie points
  7. Only use your phone on a date to take snaps of you both having fun – taking phone calls over your starter does not make you look popular
  8. When you can’t be with your partner send a kiss goodnight via video message
  9. Show you intend to arrange a second date by sending a thank you text on the way home from a first date

      O2 helps to bring romance back into dating Be kind and use your phone lovingly this Valentine’s Day. Instead of hiding behind a text, make the most of the i-mode® service – internet at the touch of a button available in O2 Retail stores nationwide**. You can order flowers for your secret love from Interflora or book a weekend break from lastminute.com all while on your way into work. And for those on the look out for a special person to share Valentine’s Day with, why not check out Time Out Dating while waiting in traffic. Search for dates and chat with other singles using your i-mode phone and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.    If you would like to chat to someone this Valentine’s Day, relationship counsellors will be on hand in selected O2 Retail stores* on Saturday 11th February.   To locate your nearest store simply call 0800 22 44 77 or text STORE to 80202.  

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