uSwitch recently published their Broadband Customer Satisfaction Report. Here are their thoughts how O2 did in their report…

O2 once again dominated uSwitch’s Broadband Customer Satisfaction Report this year, scooping seven of the eleven number one spots, and finishing in 2nd for the other four. Delve a little deeper into O2’s multiple victories, and it’s then you discover something that makes their success even greater…

The survey, conducted by uSwitch broadband, is one of the biggest independent broadband surveys in the UK, so the results really mean something. The findings also reveal the general trends in broadband satisfaction. From a customer point of view, this insight helps put the results into context. It means they can really see how the broadband providers actually stand up to one another.

Overall, we found that customers are less happy with:

  • Value for money. The annual broadband bill has climbed 5% to £176 a year.
  • Customer service. Just 6 out of 10 customers are happy with their service overall, which is in part down to mis-selling and bad billing.
  • Broadband speed. Though the average speed has increased, the overall satisfaction of consumers has dropped from 71% to 68%.

Meanwhile, O2 won the awards for:

  • Best value for money
  • Best technical support
  • Best for billing (bills that are easy to understand)
  • Speed/usage offered
  • Best for ease of use
  • Quality of information provided during switch

So as you can see, it’s the areas that saw the most significant drop in satisfaction levels that O2 managed to excel in! Not only have they completely authenticated their accomplishment, but they’ve managed to add a little bit of sparkle.

The level of success O2 have managed to achieve across the board reinforces their consistency and quality. These results not only emphasise the strength of their broadband product, but also the high level of on-going customer support that they provide. The results serve as a real accolade to O2, endorsing them as strong all-rounders.

uSwitch awards

For a list of award winners, look at the full Broadband Satisfaction Report on uSwitch.

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