21 years ago, communication amongst humans changed forever. Gone were the days of having to phone home – a quick 140 characters was all you needed to say you’d be late home for dinner. LOL.

But text has had its day. Following the digital revolution, video’s where it’s at; Vine, Instagram Video, Snapchat – all great examples of how we’re now talking to each other and sharing our experiences. Each of them has its restrictions too, though – either it has to be sent and received in-app, or you only have a few seconds’ video and you run out of time before you finish what you need to s

That’s about to change – there’s a new vid in town. O2 Clip It is a new video messaging service that we’re trialling, and we want you to tell us what you think.

Powered by Six3, O2 Clip It is now available to download free for iOS and Android users on any UK mobile network. Once you’ve got it, you’ll be able to send video messages, but without the usual strings:

  • Clips can be up to 63 seconds long. That’s three seconds more than a minute. And way more than other video messaging apps.
  • As with other video messaging services, you can add filters to your clip before posting it to your Facebook and Twitter feeds, or sending it in-app. Standard.
  • Unlike other video messaging services, you can send your clip to any UK mobile number. It doesn’t even matter if your recipient doesn’t have a smartphone – they can view your 63 seconds of fame (or shame) via the O2 Clip It website.
  • Want to keep it a little more hush? No problem – send your clip to an email address, or even have it delivered privately to your friend’s Facebook message inbox.
  • Want to be loud about it? Fine – spread the word by sending a clip to a group of chums.

To bring you the public beta for O2 Clip It, we got the boffins from Six3, who graduated from the Wayra Academy in 2012, and locked them in a room* with some other boffins from Telefónica Digital. They’ll keep a close eye on how things are going by checking out app reviews, doing surveys and reading discussions on the O2 Community forum. This feedback will be used to shape whatever future plans are in store for O2 Clip It.

Ready to unleash your video clips on the world? Get O2 Clip It free on iOS (7+) HERE and Android (4.1+) HERE and get sharing – without the strings.

We didn’t really lock them in a room. Not all the time, anyway.

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