It’s very nearly the end of the week. To speed its arrival, while the boss wasn’t looking, we’ve put together a batch of the best new web videos. Sit back, relax and feel free to forward to your friends too!

1. William & Kate: The Movie
An American cash-in movie of epic proportions, William & Kate: The Movie has everything we like in a royal biopic: terrible English accents, lookalikes who couldn’t convince Mr Magoo and dialogue so ridiculous you shouldn’t drink while watching the clip for fear of shooting liquid out of your nostrils.

2. Human curling!
OK, it’s an advert. But what an advert. When was the last time you saw a man shaved within an inch of his life, hurtling headfirst into… another man shaved within a hair’s breadth of decency? Bic razors’ hilarious human curling match is so well produced we can forgive its commercial intent. Marvel as the human puck skids into second place in our chart.

3. Doctor Who meets Lady Gaga
Take one geek, a sonic screwdriver, an obscenely in-depth knowledge of Doctor Who and some Lady Gaga beats and you get this. While the wannabe Gaga guy’s voice isn’t up to snuff, you’ve got to give the effort that went into creating this Whovian Gaga parody an enthusiastic thumbs up.

4. Little girl joins the Dark Side
A little girl visiting the Jedi Academy is invited to join the good guys but instead takes Darth Vader’s offer and kneels before the evil dude. Cue a set of embarrassed actors and somewhere off camera a dad smirking with pride. We get where she’s coming from, since the Jedis started hanging out with Jah Jah Binks we’ve gone right off them too.

5. Cardiff’s oblivious dancing man
We’ve all done it: listening to a great song through your headphones, you suddenly realise you’ve been humming along or, even worse, singing along. But Cardiff’s oblivious dancing man ratchets the embarrassment up a notch. Dancing through the streets on his tippy toes, while a pair of lads with a camera capture his startling performance. Toe-curling, but oh-so-funny stuff from our friends in the Valleys.

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