Ever feel like handset reviews aren’t written by people like you? That you want to know what people who don’t get every single phone the moment it is released think? Or just thinking about a new phone and want to try one out?

We’d like to give you the chance to try some new technology and tell us – and the rest of the world – what you think of it. It’s a new, open approach to reviews.

We’re really proud of two of our new range of devices, the HTC HD7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but we’d like to know what you think. Do you want to review them for us?

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • We’ve given a HTC HD7 to Cameron Stewart (@seedyaress on Twitter) and a Samsung Galaxy Tab to Luke Ingham at (@Ing1978 on Twitter). They’re going to write a bit about what they think of the phones to get us started.
  • If you’d like to try either of the phones, get in touch saying you’re interested. If you’re tweeting, make sure you add hashtag #o2review in your tweet so we can see where the phones are going!
  • Cameron and Luke will pick new people to give the HTC HD7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab to. We’ve asked them to pick people nearby so they can hand the phone over in person (and take a pic for posterity!) but to pick people they haven’t met before.
  • Once the devices have been handed over, we’ll publish the Twitter IDs of the new people who have them, as well as some of Cameron and Luke’s thoughts on the phones, here on our blog.
  • Once the new people have had the phones for a couple of days we’d like them to send them on to new people who’ve been in touch with them.

Interestd in HTC? Read Help us review the Galaxy Tab and HTC HD7

If you’d like to be next in the line after Cameron and Luke, let them know you’re interested. Before you do though, we’ve put together some rules – please take a look and make sure you’re happy with these before you tweet them:

  • To enter the program, you need to get in touch with the current person with the device, including the hashtag #o2review if you’re tweeting, saying you’d like to try the phone
  • If you’re chosen by the person who currently has the phone, you agree to meet them shortly afterwards to pick up the phone face to face and send us a picture of the handover (make it a good one, it may appear on our blog!)
  • Once you have the phone, we’d love to know your thoughts on it – give it a try and tweet us (including #o2review again!) or send us your thoughts and we may publish some of them on our blog
  • After you’ve had it for a couple of days, we’d like you to choose someone else to send it to – preferably someone nearby but someone you don’t know – and keep the program going!
  • We want as many people to try the Tab and HD7 as possible so it’s really important they get passed on. If they’re not passed on or if something bad happens to them we may bar them from being used.

We’d love to know your thoughts on our review scheme – let us know in the comments!

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