With 11000 residents and not a single cash machine, the village of Rhiwbina in South Wales wasn’t exactly setting the pace when it came to accessing your hard-earned money. Then, before you could say ‘IOU’, things changed as the O2 Wallet arrived…

Chosen from a number of villages across the UK, Rhiwbina was the ideal place to demonstrate how the newly-launched O2 Wallet could help residents who often found themselves short of cash at the most inconvenient moments.

O2 Wallet, a seamless and secure digital wallet service, enables you to send and receive money as easily as a text message, as well as comparing prices and shopping via their mobile. And it’s available to anyone, whether you’re with O2 or not.

Rhiwbina’s residents were keen to take up a number of challenges, such as paying back their IOU’s, splitting the cost of a round at the Recreation Club bar. O2’s Guru TV production team was there to catch their experiences, and here’s what happened:


You can get the O2 Wallet in the iOS App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry Marketplace, online at o2.co.uk/money or by texting Wallet to 61202.

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