Young people are full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm. But they need the right support to turn their ideas into reality. That’s where O2 Think Big comes in. We find young people with great ideas and help them get going by giving them the training, funding and support to turn their ideas into action.

In March, we’re celebrating three years of Thinking Big for young people. O2 Think Big works by putting cash grants of £300 in the hands of young people and supporting them to use the money to deliver a positive impact in their local area. From homework clubs to community radio stations, mobile phone apps to recycling initiatives, O2 Think Big gives young people money and trust to take action on the issues that matter to them.

We don’t stop there. We help young people to Think Bigger by offering further funding of up to £2500 to grow their ideas and take their projects to the next level. We provide leadership training and mentoring support to help young people practice their entrepreneurial skills and make an even bigger social impact.

Think Big projects play an important role in helping young people develop the work and life skills to succeed. Young people who take part in Think Big tell us that the experience has helped them gain confidence and self-belief, develop their leadership and decision making skills and improve their employability. O2 is the driving force behind Think Big because we believe in the power of young people and their ideas. And as one of the biggest companies in the UK, we can back them, invest in them and campaign for them. O2 employees are at the heart of the programme, coaching, mentoring and inspiring young people to discover their potential.

Since 2010, in partnership with the National Youth Agency, UK Youth and with the support of the Telefonica Foundation, over 4000 young people have taken up leadership roles on the O2 Think Big programme, successfully applying for funding to develop and lead a community project. So, Happy Birthday O2 Think Big! Here’s to many more years of Thinking Big for young people.

If you’d like to find out more about O2 Think Big follow us @O2UKThinkBig. To apply for a grant to start a project, visit

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