The Palm Pre is one of the most anticipated smartphones to hit the UK this year. Unveiled at CES back in January, CNET hailed the Pre as the ‘Best of CES 2009’. Here is a roundup of what the web has to say…

Gizmodo’s Jason Chen is really impressed with the Pre’s screen. “It's the best multitouch screen we've seen yet. Pre's screen is smaller than both the iPhone and the G2's, but has the same 320×480 resolution that equals both, which means the pixels are just more compact. The touch is more accurate, more responsive and just plain better than the iPhone's. The invention of a ripple effect where you press the screen is genius.”

Joshua Topolsky from Engadget goes into some detail about the slide-out keyboard. “We can put your mind at ease folks — it's actually pretty good. Now, we won't lie, it's not quite the barnstormer of the Bold or Treo 650, but it is a very, very solid typing experience nonetheless. The keys — made of a similar rubbery material which the Treo Pro and Centros use — have a surprising amount of depth given their location, and they're actually somewhat clicky (a surprise to us).”

TechRadar’s review sums it up quite nicely: “In the end…what makes the Palm Pre so compelling, and a better choice for savvy computer users than the Apple iPhone or even the highly extensible T-Mobile G1…[is that its] a new mobile computing paradigm more than a highly useful phone.”

And we’ll leave the last word to Faisal Alani from Computer Weekly, who says the Pre ‘melts in your hand not in your mouth’. Whatever else you do with your Pre after buying it, we wouldn’t suggest putting it in your mouth.

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