Ronan Dunne, O2’s Chief Executive Officer, explains why O2 is backing a twenty two year old from London and his inspiring campaign to bridge the generational divide You may have already heard about the Why Do campaign.

Ronan Dunne It’s the brainchild of a young guy from London called Sabian Muhhamed. Sabian, like hundreds of other young people, applied to O2’s Think Big programme looking for support and funding to help him realise his ambitious plan to bridge the generation gap. So impressed with Sabian’s passion and determination to make a difference, we committed our support and backing to help him turn Why Do into a powerful national campaign.

At the heart of Sabian’s Why Do campaign is a unique online Q&A service that allows you to quiz young people about anything, from music and fashion to the big issues and impact young people today – some of the questions already answered include ‘Why do young people grow up so fast?’ to ‘Is Jordan really a good role model?’. It’s a truly unique idea which is as simple as it is powerful – ask questions, get answers and begin to really understand young people and what they stand for.

You might feel, like I did, that you already understand young people. You might believe you’ve got a handle on what young people think and why they do the things they do. As a parent myself I was pretty confident that I was in touch with young people, so I decided to put my knowledge to the test. The Why Do Street Age quiz puts you firmly in the shoes of a teenager and tests how much you really know about young people today. After scoring a Street Age of 25, this may be more luck than any real street cred! If you want to know how street you are, you can take the Street Age quiz on the O2 Facebook page.

While the quiz is great fun, it also makes a serious point. As you get older, it’s often all too easy and convenient to become disconnected from younger generations. Sabian’s unique Why Do campaign will combat misunderstandings about young people, promote better understanding between the generations, and hopefully take a big step towards bridging the generation gap. That’s why we are supporting Sabian’s Why Do campaign and you can too, by going online and asking a young person what they really think at

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