It’s time for Wimbledon, where around 28,000kg of strawberries will be eaten, rain will undoubtedly stop play and 54,250 balls will be used over the next two weeks. 

We’ve been sharing the tennis love with our ‘Be More Dog’ tennis balls, which we gave out in stores earlier this year to support our ‘How dog are you’ online quiz. If you’ve not taken the test, give it a go to see if how ‘yeah!’ or ‘meh’ you are about life.

But tennis balls can be used for so much more than just tennis, so in the spirit of Be More Dog, if you’ve got a tennis ball that hasn’t seen the back of a racket yet, here are a few life hacks to put it to good use:

  1. Holding court: Make a slit in the ball to use it as a hook to hold keys, letters, your phone or just about anything around the house.      
  2. Rain doesn’t stop play: Help dry washing faster by serving a couple of tennis balls in to the dryer.  It’s also a great way to make your towels fluffy.
  3. An ace idea: Can’t get the top off a drinks bottle or jar? Simply cut a tennis ball in half and use the rubber side to get a better grip.
  4. Call for the physio: If you’ve got tight muscles in your wrists or feet, a tennis ball can be an excellent massage to help loosen you up.  
  5. Hawk-Eye photos: Fed up of taking blurred snaps with shaky hands? Use your tennis ball as a tripod to create a stable camera mount in a pinch.  

 Let us know your tennis ball recycling ideas by leaving a comment below.

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