Phone boxes, video tapes, white dog poo – all things we don’t really see that much of any more, but it’s okay. There’s one thing, though, that’s getting less common and we’re not sure that we like it: buttons on our mobile phones.

In today’s landscape of all-screen phones, there’s something in us that yearns for the feel of a ‘click’ under our thumbs as we’re sending a text message, instead of the dull ‘thud’ of the cold glass, the inevitable spelling mistake caused by slightly too-large thumbs and the way-off-the-mark autocorrect suggestion that results.

We miss buttons.

So we’ve decided to give away a smartphone that still has its qwerty-ness – the new BlackBerry 9720. In a celebration of buttons and thumbs alike, we want you to send us a picture of your best thumbs up using twitter or instagram, with the hashtag #O2ThumbsUp. And that’s it – we’ll do the rest.

On the evening of Thursday 19 September 2013, we’ll wade through the entries and pick our three favourites and contact the winners on Friday (*edit* – To make sure we’ve looked at every entry to pick our favourites, winners will now be contacted on Monday 23 September. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten!) If you’re not one of the lucky three, don’t worry – you can still get some of that buttony goodness at a great price on our website.

Small-print about some small-print: Our usual competition rules apply, which you can read here if you like.


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