Fancy winning some Little Mix kit? Meeting the girls and having some VIP seats at their next gig? Or maybe just finding out why Jade wants some Calvin Klein boxers? Good news – this is the blog post for you.

We’ve teamed up with Nokia and Little Mix to give everyone who buys a Nokia Asha 503 from us between now and the end of March a free Little Mix prize! That could be some fab headphones, some signed merch or one of the best seats in the house at an upcoming Little Mix gig – seats you only go to after you’ve met the band, obviously!

Free stuff! 

So what do you have to do to get your hands on some swag? Just pick up a Nokia Asha 503. It’s available in red or green, has a scratch resistant screen and it’s only £69.99 on O2 Pay & Go. Keen? Get your hands on one through our online shop here or visit your nearest O2 store to get one in the flesh.

We had a sit down with the girls to find out all about their phones, their Christmas habits and their favourite things about being Little Mix. Read on, Mixers.

How often are you on your phones?
Leigh-Anne: All the time, it’s important for me to feel connected to my family and friends, fans and of course my boyfriend.
Jesy: I’m on my phone quite a lot; I mainly use it to text friends and family.
Jade: All the time. Who isn’t?!
Perrie: Pretty much every single bit of every single day. Technology these days makes everyone very anti-social!

Do you panic or are you liberated when you leave your phone at home?
Leigh-Anne: A little bit, but mostly because I feel if anything happened I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone for help.
Jesy: I panic; I hate not being able to get in touch with people.
Jade: Liberated. I like not having the stress of having to get back to people.
Perrie: Yes! I feel like the world is coming to an end. It makes me feel sick and I panic. I don’t know what time it is, where anyone is… I feel naked!

What is the funniest picture you have on your phone?
Leigh-Anne: So many of me and the girls making stupid faces and just not looking too appealing lol.
Jesy: Leigh pulling a stupid face.
Jade: Funny faces of me and my friends. Also my boyfriend always sends me funny pictures with silly captions that he finds on the Internet.
Perrie: Photos of my animals. They’re pretty funny 🙂

Little Mix Salute album cover

What is on your Christmas list, have you already worked out what you are buying each other?
Leigh-Anne: We don’t usually buy presents for each other we don’t need anything. But from my boyfriend I would love a Cartier bracelet! We’ll see if it happens lol!
Jesy: We don’t get each other presents! This year some Prada shoes are on the top of my Xmas list.
Jade: I’ve already made my Christmas list for my mum. And everyone else’s – I’ve been looking through the Argos catalogue. I’ve asked for a coffee machine, Disney DVDs and some Calvin Klein boxers.
Perrie: I don’t need anything for Christmas really. I’ve already started shopping for people – I know what I want to get them!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Leigh-Anne: Being with my loved ones, seeing my little nephews’ and nieces’ faces when they open their presents. Eating my mum’s beautiful Xmas dinner and of course going out with my friends on Xmas eve for a few drinkies!
Jesy: I love Xmas TV; all the soaps are great at Christmas time.
Jade: getting to spend time with my family and seeing people open their presents
Perrie: everything! The movies, the food, family, presents, snow, the decorations, the music, the Christmas jumpers! 🙂

What was it like stepping out on your own after the X factor?
Leigh-Anne: We loved being able to write our album and have creative control over everything.
Jesy: Like stepping out of a bubble.
Perrie: It’s very nice to have freedom in the music industry and to be ourselves.
Jade: It was exciting to start a new chapter but also a little bit nerve-racking as we had to become our own artists and prove ourselves with our own music.

Salute is your second album, how different was it recording this one to DNA?
Leigh-Anne: We had less time to write and record Salute, being the second album we had more of an idea of what the fans did and didn’t like. We’re even more happy with this album then the first one
Jade: We had a lot less time but it was just as fun. We felt we’d matured as writers so it felt a little easier.
Perrie: We’re a lot more experienced now so it was a lot easier to write. We got really involved with the production as well as the writing this time.
Jesy: We had to do it in 12 days so it was a lot more stressful but it was worth the stress because we love it!


What music is on your mobile?
Leigh: I have a mix of everything, I love slow jams! I’m a slow jam girl… Everything from the early 90’s till now.
Jesy: Chris Brown, Rihanna, Us!
Jade: a big range, from Motown to dub step to musicals. I like to listen to all genres.
Perrie: old school rock music, 80s pop, all the big divas and current chart music

If you could perform with another artist who would it be and why?
Leigh: Chris Brown is so talented and to be able to work with him would be amazing!
Jesy: Missy Elliot, she’s been my idol since I was little… I was so happy when she featured on our single I would love the chance to perform with her.
Jade: Diana Ross because she’s always been my idol.
Perrie: Steve Perry. I’ve always adored him and I’m named after him ! 🙂

If customers buy the Nokia Asha 503 on O2 they have a chance to win VIP tickets to meet you on your next tour. What bit of performing for your fans do you most look forward to?
Leigh: Hearing them sing back our lyrics to us is amazing.
Jesy: I love it when they sing the song back to you… That’s the best part.
Jade: Seeing the fans faces especially when you can see how it makes them feel.
Perrie: Being able to see our fans in person and see them singing our lyrics back to us. It’s the best feeling ever!

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