Following a summer where the issue of youth violence has come under intense political and media scrutiny, a new social media campaign designed to shock young people into changing their attitudes to violence launches today.


What is the campaign all about?

The Stand Against Violence campaign, which is backed and funded through our Think Big youth programme, is the creation of 25 year old anti-violence campaigner, Adam Fouracre.

Adam has been passionately campaigning on the issue of youth violence for over five years after his brother, Lloyd, was beaten to death in Taunton, Somerset by a group of young males in an unprovoked attack just one day before his 18th birthday.


The centerpiece of Adam’s campaign – which launches to mark the 6th anniversary of his brother’s death – is a powerful documentary film which explores the devastating impact of Lloyd’s death on his friends and family. Adam is calling for young people to watch his film and join him in Standing Against Violence by making a public pledge on Facebook.


Adam is one of four inspirational young people passionate about tackling important issues in our society who we are backing with a £1.25million pound media budget to make their voice heard on a national level. Through Think Big, we are committed to investing in young people to help them take positive action in their communities. To date, we have backed around 900 youth led projects.


  Wretch32 & Adam SAV


In Adam’s words:

“Having lost my brother to random act of violence I’ve worked tirelessly to prevent other families having to experience the pain my family has been through. Often, violence involving young people is characterised as an inner city problem, when in reality, violence involving young people can and does happen in all kinds of locations, both urban and rural.


“Through the O2 backed Stand Against Violence campaign, I want to reach out to young people no matter where they come from and, through the short film I’ve created, expose them to the consequences of violent behaviour. I firmly believe if young people better understood the consequences of violence, the lives it destroys and the lasting damage it creates, they would be better prepared to make the right decision should they ever face a potentially violent situation.”


Why’s Wretch 32 involved in it all?

Music star Wretch 32 – real name Jermaine Scott – has also thrown his weight behind the campaign. Having experienced first-hand the devastating consequences of youth violence whilst growing up, Wretch is appealing for young people to back Adam’s campaign by taking the Stand Against Violence pledge.


In Wretch 32’s words:

"Youth violence is a big issue in our society and it is something we cannot turn a blind eye to. We have to encourage young people to think first before they act and consider the consequences of violent actions. Having grown up in an environment where I was exposed to violence, like Adam, I know the damage and destruction violence can cause to friends, families and the wider community.


“We can’t end youth violence overnight and one campaign alone won’t solve the problem, but if you take the time to watch Adam’s film and take the Stand Against Violence pledge, together we can make a difference.”


What we’ve got to do with it all:

We are backing Adam’s campaign with a short film that will be shown in cinemas across the UK documenting his story and his fight to end youth violence. To find out more about Adam’s campaign, check out his powerful documentary film, and take the Stand Against Violence pledge go to

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