• Virgin Media O2 announces faster upload speeds for its small business broadband services
  • All existing customers will have their upload speeds increased on Voom 600, 800 and Gig1 packages for free*
  • Customers will now be able to access 10:1 Download to Upload speed ratio across all Voom packages.
  • Virgin Media O2 partners with small business customer, The Camden Watch Company, to celebrate launch

Virgin Media O2 has today announced it is boosting upload speeds for free across its business broadband service for all existing customers*. Customers can enjoy faster upload speeds across Voom 600, Voom 800 and Gig 1 packages, enabling them to spend more time on what really matters to their business.

Both new and existing customers can enjoy 10:1 Download to Upload ratio speeds across all Voom packages enabling them to access files even quicker and increase business productivity and efficiency. New customers can experience faster upload speeds when they become a small business customer, from only £42.

The Camden Watch Company, an independent British watch manufacturer, is one of thousands of Virgin Media O2 small business customers which stand to benefit. Perceived small tasks like powering in store point of sale terminals, uploading imagery and video to websites and connecting with customers online are greatly improved with enhanced speeds and a reliable connection, supporting a seamless customer experience and building brand loyalty.

The importance of great connectivity to small businesses cannot be overstated. Data from Ofcom revealed that a third of SMEs with broadband connection think such connectivity has become even more important since the start of the pandemic. Small businesses are a valuable asset to the UK economy and in fact, at the start of 2022, accounted for three fifths of employment and half the turnover of the private sector. As connectivity underpins the majority of their operations, it’s imperative they are provided with a reliable and fast connection to improve the foundation of their business from the customer to employee experience.

Virgin Media O2 already offers the UK’s fastest widely available business broadband speeds, and small businesses can also continue to benefit from 99.9% reliability and flexibility with an expansive range of Voom Fibre package options.

Anneke Short, Co-Founder & Designer at The Camden Watch Company said: “Quick response times and reactiveness are key aspects of running a small business so it’s crucial we have a connection we can rely on. Virgin Media O2’s speed boost will give us more time to work on new projects and products for our customers, rather than waiting for files to be uploaded or downloaded.

With the speed boost being free this allows us to enjoy the benefits without the expense, especially at a time where every penny counts.

We’re looking forward to being able to share our video content faster, sharing behind the scenes sneak peeks and new launches with our customers bringing them closer to our brand and encouraging them to become more involved.”

Chris Holmes, Director of SOHO at Virgin Media O2, said: “For small businesses, every second truly matters and by boosting our small business customers’ upload speeds for free we can help make their lives easier without the expensive price tag. Our customers such as The Camden Watch Company depend on speed and reliability to serve and interact their own customers, which is why we’re proud to further enhance our offering and deliver on our promise to speed up the UK’s broadband.”


Notes to editors

Existing Virgin Media O2 customers will enjoy the upload speed boost for free:

  • Voom broadband 600 boosted to 60 Mbps
  • Voom broadband 800 boosted to 80 Mbps
  • Voom broadband Gig1 boosted to 100 Mbps

New upload speeds not applicable to Voom broadband entry level or 400 customers

  • *In some areas the maximum upload speed will initially be up to 50Mbps but will automatically increase to the speed available within your packages once the network in your area has been upgraded during 2023.

New customers can enjoy faster upload speeds when they become a small business customer:

  • Voom broadband 600 – £42 per month
  • Voom broadband 800 – £51 per month
  • Voom broadband Gig1 – £60 per month
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