New data from Virgin Media O2 suggests that 3 in 5 (61%) actively dating singletons use their mobile phone to find a date every week, revealing a reliance on mobiles as an essential tool of modern dating. Despite this, more than half (51%) worry that they are still in the dark about dating styles and quirks when messaging a potential match, ultimately hindering their decision to know if they are the right person for them.

To help Brits utilise their mobile as a way to harness rather than harm their luck with dating experience, Mel outlines how best to spot potential red flags or positive signs by sharing the six dating personalities based on everyday mobile habits including ‘The Voice Note Knight’, with voice notes revealing thoughtfulness, bravery, and confidence; as well as the ‘Hasty-Handed Chatterbox’, whose multiple, quickfire messages reveal a spontaneous, cheeky, playful and opinionated character. On the other hand, ‘The Ghostly Hesitator’ is a warning sign, as nothing says non-committal more than someone who goes MIA.

Mel Schilling, Relationship Coach, TV Presenter and Consultant said: “Online dating can be a fun experience where you get to meet an array of different people and personalities. However, navigating this can be tricky. With phones being so integral to our everyday lives, our mobile habits and language can be a clear indicator of someone’s real self and dating personality – whether that’s their response speed, use of emojis and gifs, or message length. Understanding what these habits might say about your potential date will put you in good stead, giving you more confidence when digital dating.”

Mel shares her top tips on different digital dating personalities and how to navigate them:

  • Voice Note Knight – If your date sends you voice notes, it shows that they like adding a personal touch. Rather than being ‘lazy’ by not texting, it can in fact demonstrate thoughtfulness. At the same time, sharing their own voice reflects bravery and confidence, whilst how they speak can also reveal a lot about themselves…

How to approach this: If you’re not a voice note person yourself, don’t feel overwhelmed.  You don’t need to replicate this! With many of us hating the sound of our own voice recorded, feel at ease that they’re confident and happy to share this with you. It might even encourage you to get involved and build your own confidence.

  • Hasty-Handed Chatterbox – If they send multiple quick-fire messages in one go, it’s perhaps a reflection of how they approach life – head on and spontaneously, as well as being cheeky and playful. It can also express that they’re someone who has an opinion on matters and wants to share it.

How to approach this: If this your style, then shoot away and tango together. However, if you’re the type of person where this grates on you, address it head on. It might be the case that they’re simply not used to this messaging style with others but are open to change. Hopefully, by showing that you group your own messages together consistently, they’ll get the hint. If you’re someone who is more concise with their responses and less frequent, maybe you can come to a compromise the more you get to know them.

  • The Emoji-tional OneVery likely, someone who sends their fair share of emojis reveals that they’re fun, lively and someone who doesn’t take themselves too However, if there are more emojis than you bargained for, in particular, that emoji, then run. Perhaps it shows a lack of vocabulary, that they’re not willing to engage, or sending signs that you do not want to get involved with (or do!)

How to approach this: Many of us love an emoji and sometimes they can express things better than words at a specific moment. If you’re also a visual person, then play along. However, definitely keep tabs on what kind of emojis they’re sending, how frequently and if you vibe with them. Some, for example, love a cheeky one whilst others might find it inappropriate.

  • The Meme Artist – Similarly to the ‘Emoji-tional One’s, someone who sends memes and gifs can be a playful person. It also demonstrates that they know and understand pop culture references (and are therefore ‘cultured’), as well as wanting to share their interests with you. Again, watch out for the frequency and ratio of these in relation to actual words. Sometimes a relationship that is heavy on these can work and can be full of banter. However, having an actual conversation with words is important, especially in the early days of dating.

How to approach this: Memes and gifs are great – if you understand them. They can reflect your date’s interests and perhaps any generational differences. If you don’t get the references, it can still be a fun and educational experience where you learn more about your date and expand your cultural knowledge in general. If they’re not hitting the spot, then address things directly or drop hints that you don’t understand them.

  • The Ghostly Hesitator – Someone who is super slow at responding and goes MIA for long periods of time. This could be a warning that they’re not interested, non-committal, potentially wanting something casual or could even be a serial dater. On the other hand, it could just be their flirting or teasing style, with their aim to leave you wanting more. However, the chase isn’t for everyone and can get exhausting, so it depends on your own style and what you’re after.

How to approach this: Whilst it might seem daunting, call them out on it (unless you’re equally as relaxed about messaging). Knowing where you stand is always a great place to be and helps to manage your expectations. If they hardly ever respond (and time length is a matter of personal opinion) then ditch. Don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t giving you the attention you deserve.

  • The Wheeler Dealer – Someone who uses their fair share of phone apps to get money off and always has access to the coolest places, including early access to the hottest tickets. This opens up plenty of opportunities and provides an array of fun date ideas whilst saving you money (who wouldn’t want this?). It also shows that they’re conscious of their finances, which is always sensible.

How to approach this: Enjoy all the fun dates that could come with this and the money you might save – especially if you’re someone who is equally as thrifty. However, if there are any other ideas that take your fancy that sit outside of this, then share them. We all have different financial situations and there’s a way to make things work.

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