From now (11th July) until 19th September 2024, new and existing O2 customers can benefit from their airtime bill being slashed for either three or six months, depending on the iPhone chosen. Also up for grabs is the iPhone 14 Plus for the same price as the iPhone 14. 

The table below shows which iPhones are up for available with six months free airtime. 

Device  Duration of contract  Bill for first six months  Cost after   Data allowance  Upfront fee 
iPhone 15 Pro Max   36 months  £30.27  £51.27  1GB  £30 
iPhone 15  36 months  £18.56  £39.56  1GB  £30 
iPhone 14 Plus   36 months  £15.81  £36.81  1GB  £30 
iPhone 14  36 months  £15.81  £36.81  1GB  £30 

The table below shows which iPhones are up for grabs with three months free airtime.  

Device  Duration of contract  Bill for first three months  Cost after  Data allowance  Upfront fee 
iPhone 15 Plus  36 moths  £21.36  £42.36  1GB  £30 
iPhone 13  36 months  £13.30  £34.30  1GB  £20 
iPhone 12  36 months  £11.92  £32.92  1GB  £20 
iPhone SE (3rd Gen)  36 months  £9.97  £30.97  1GB  £20 

Customers who opt for a Plus Plan* can save up to £349 per contract and can benefit from the following for just £3.99 more per month than the Custom Plan price: 

  • O2 Switch Up: Those wanting to keep up with the latest devices or after the freedom to upgrade mid-contract can do so with O2 Switch Up at no extra cost. The perk allows customers to switch their handset for any new phone of their choice, whether brand new or from O2’s Like New range, every 90 days* regardless of their contract length (as long as the mobile phone is in good condition and meets Switch Up requirements). 
  • O2 Travel Inclusive Zone: O2 customers with a Plus Plan can roam-on in 75 countries, including 49 EU countries and USA, Mexico, Canada and Australia, up to 25GB. 
  • O2 Extras: Customers can benefit from access for up to six months to Disney+, Prime and Apple Music courtesy of O2. 
  • A three-year warranty: If the device develops a fault through normal use during the warranty period, O2 will replace it or refund the customer for free. All parts and labour are included. 

Those on a Classic Plan receive benefits including:  

  • EU roaming: O2 is the only major UK network to offer inclusive EU roaming as standard, up to 25GB. Customers can enjoy using their airtime as they would at home while they’re away for no extra cost. 
  • Priority from O2: Virgin Media broadband and O2 customers get exclusive access to Priority from O2, which offers a variety of deals and discounts as well as pre-sale ticket access to the hottest gigs in town. 
  • O2 Extras: O2 customers can get their hands on Disney+, Amazon Prime, Amazon Audible or many more, free on O2 for up to six months depending on their tariff.   
  • O2 Recycle: With O2 Recycle consumers (including non-O2 customers) can get £330 on average when they trade in an iPhone, helping them to pocket some extra cash or put it towards a new device. 
  • Flexibility: O2 customers have the flexibility to choose a mobile plan that suits their budget, including the upfront cost they pay and the length of their 0% APR Device Plan. They can also flex their data allowance up or down each month to ensure it suits their needs.  
  • Split contracts: O2 is the only major UK network operator to automatically and fully roll down all direct customers onto an airtime only plan at the end of their contract, ensuring they never overpay for a phone they already own. 



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