Uswitch has crowned O2 the best mobile provider for reward perks, with added extras of nearly £500 available over the duration of a customer’s contract – nearly double Vodafone’s offering which came in second.  

Research by Uswitch also found that a huge 63% of British mobile phone customers are unaware of the perks available to them alongside their mobile contract, meaning they could be missing out on hundreds of pounds in deals and rewards.  

O2 customers can download the free Priority app on iOS and Android, or text PRIORITY to 2020 to access exclusive rewards, experiences’ and Priority Tickets to thousands of gigs and events across the UK, up to 48 hours before general sale. 

Ahead of the summer holidays O2 is encouraging customers to utilise their rewards and squeeze out as much value out of their mobile plan as possible. Priority exclusive rewards and experiences are available to all O2 customers and those with Virgin Media include broadband:  

  • 30% off sunscreen at Green People: Perfect for buying those holiday essentials ahead of going abroad, available until 31st May 2024.  
  • Three months free of Apple TV: Ideal for streaming whilst abroad whilst travelling available until 1 September 2024.  
  • £2 off Disney+: Customers get £2 off their Airtime bill when they purchase a Disney+ subscription* until 30 September 2025.   
  • Roaming: All O2 customers can benefit from inclusive roaming, up to 25GB, in 49 European destinations at no extra cost, which could save a family of four up to £128.24 over their two-week holiday. Available all-year round. 
  • Save up to £200 on a holiday via Available to those who want to book a getaway with available until 30th August 2024. 
Place  Network provider  Value of rewards 
1st   O2[1]  £490.94 
2nd   Vodafone[5]  £294.73 
3rd   Tesco Mobile[9]  £26.97 
4th   iD Mobile[6]  £26.97 
5th   Lebara[10]  n/a 

Non-O2 customers who might have FOMO of all the O2 perks they’re missing can buy a new O2 SIM only plan, a brand-new phone like the Samsung Galaxy S24 from £48.90 a month (£30 upfront cost) with Unlimited data and a free Galaxy Watch6 in graphite. Or a ‘Like New’ refurbished iPhone 15 Pro Max from £61.94 (£30 upfront cost) with Unlimited data. Both mobiles would be on a ‘ 

Customers who opt for a Plus Plan* can also save up to £269 per contract and can benefit from the following for just £3.99 more per month than the Custom Plan price: 

  • O2 Switch Up: Those wanting to keep up with the latest devices or after the freedom to upgrade mid-contract can do so with O2 Switch Up at no extra cost. The perk allows customers to switch their handset for any new phone of their choice, whether brand new or from O2’s Like New range, every 90 days* regardless of their contract length (as long as the mobile phone is in good condition and meets Switch Up requirements). 
  • O2 Travel Inclusive Zone: O2 customers with a Plus Plan can roam-on in 75 countries, including 49 EU countries and USA, Mexico, Canada and Australia, up to 25GB. 
  • O2 Extras: Customers can benefit from access for up to six months to Disney+, Prime and Apple Music courtesy of O2. 


Notes to Editor 

*Disney+ subscription offer: The £2 off is only applicable to Standard and Premium plans. 

  1. Combined value of: £53.94 (value of 6x months Amazon Prime offered by O2) + £88 worth of free accessories (Uswitch excl offer)  + £349 value of Samsung Tab S6 Lite included in deal 
  1. Opinium surveyed a sample of 2,000 UK adults from 09 June 2023 – 13 June 2023. 63% answered ‘no’ when asked: ‘Do you know if you get any additional perks with your mobile provider?’ 
  1. £32.28: current average cost for a handset (based on Uswitch data) is £34. CPI+3.9% is £2.69 extra per month, so £32.28 per year. This is based on the providers O2, Three, Sky Mobile and Vodafone, as they consistently appeared as some of the most popular provider deals available on Uswitch, and all implement mid-contract price rises. To note: CPI is used a metric for simplicity, however it should be noted that not all the providers included in the average monthly costs increase their prices by CPI (for instance, O2 bases its increase on RPI data) 
  1. O2 mobile currently offering 6 months free access to Disney+, 6* £7.99= £47.94  
  1. Vodafone currently offering 12/24 months access to Spotify included in 12 and 24 month SIM-only contracts. 24* £11.99= 287.76. Plus value of two months insurance (quoted at £6.97 per-month by GoCompare for an iPhone 15) 
  1. ID Mobile is currently offering 3 months access to Apple TV+. 3* £8.99 = £26.97 
  1. O2 mobile currently offering 6 months free access to Amazon Prime. 6* £8.99 = £53.94 
  1. Uswitch savings calculations: Switching from an ending 24 month handset contract to a SIM-only contract (and keeping your existing handset) could save you £321 per year, or £26 per month. This calculation is based on the price of the top selling 24 month handset package in Q1 2022 (Apple iPhone 13 with 100GB data) against the against the cheapest equivalent SIM only deal on the Uswitch site as of Jan 2024 (TalkMobile 120GB data £11.95 per month). Correct as of 1st February 2024. 
  1. Tesco Mobile is currently offering three months Apple TV+ access. 3* £8.99= £26.97 
  1. Lebara offers all customers access to up to 30GB roaming data for EU and India.  
  1. Uswitch 2024 Telecoms awards 


  • Disney offer: The £2 off is only applicable to Standard and Premium tiers. 
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