Together Fund

Supercharging communities with
the Together Fund

Virgin Media O2 is here.

Our first act together is to make positive change happen in communities across the UK.

That’s why we’ve launched the Virgin Media O2 Together Fund to supercharge hundreds of small charities already doing incredible things.

We’re donating £1,000 grants to hundreds of small charities across the country to support and celebrate community spirit, belonging and togetherness.

Who will benefit?

The donations will go to local charities who meet our criteria, and are helping to:

  • Reduce loneliness and isolation and promote a sense of community belonging
  • Inspire positive action to enhance and protect nature and the local environment

Want to know more?

Visit neighbourly/VirginmediaO2TogetherFund to find out more.

Supporting the Together Coalition

This is part of our support for the Together Coalition, who share our commitment to help build a kinder, closer and more connected society.

Leading positive change, together

Virgin Media and O2 share a strong track record in driving positive change for our people, communities and our planet. We are excited to build on this together – read more here.

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