• Virgin Media O2 is trialling new Smart Security internet protection which will be rolled out to Hub 5 customers at no extra cost 
  • The trial will provide eligible customers with extra protection to safeguard their connected devices including video doorbells and wireless speakers 
  • The Smart Security system will allow users to monitor and manage their internet security in real-time, alerting customers of unusual cyber behaviour  
  • Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media O2, Gareth Lister, provides tips to help broadband users keep their tech gadgets safe and secure. 

From today, Virgin Media O2 is trialling an enhanced Smart Security offering, which will provide thousands of its Hub 5 customers with an extra layer of protection for all of their smart home devices at no extra cost. 

With malicious online activity becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s easy to fall victim to cyber-security threats. Simple attacks can happen to anyone and may not even appear to be a risk, such as unknowingly opening an email attachment which contains malware.  

Virgin Media Smart Security protects connected devices – from mobile phones to video doorbells – by actively fending off cyber-attacks such as ransomware or data stealing. The trial will enable thousands of customers to monitor the security across their network and see what’s been blocked on their browser.  

According to research from Compare the Market, smart home devices can boost the amount offered on a for-sale property, with 51% of Brits willing to pay as much as £2.5k more for a property with smart home gadgets installed. And with demand for smart tech more popular than ever, it’s no surprise that Statistic estimate there’ll be 34.8m smart tech users across households in 2028, making it increasingly important for consumers to future-proof their homes and their smart device security.  

This added security capability will automatically be downloaded to the Hub 5, with eligible customers simply needing to activate the trial via the Virgin Media Connect App, where they can manage and protect their devices on the newly added Smart Security dashboard. 

To help consumers keep their devices safe and secure, Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media O2, Gareth Lister, has provided some tips.   

  1. Avoid hoarding your data: If you have a video doorbell for example, make sure you regularly clear out and delete old footage that you don’t need. 
  2. Anti-virus software: Once it’s on your device, malware can steal your data, encrypt it so you can’t access it, or even erase it completely. If you don’t have any online security yet, Virgin Media broadband customers can add Internet Security, powered by F-Secure, on an unlimited number of devices for £30 a year, with the first 3 months free. 
  3. Delete suspicious emails: If something pops into your inbox which doesn’t seem quite right, delete the email straight away. Look out for spelling mistakes, strange looking URLs or amateur logos as these can often be tell-tale signs of a scam or phishing email. 
  4. Back it up: Having your device’s important information backed up and saved in a remote location means it can remain safe if something goes wrong. 


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