Hubbub and Virgin Media O2 are thrilled to share the progress our longest running partnership has made. Community Calling, our smartphone redistribution scheme, has officially turned 4 years old. Since launching the scheme in the pandemic, the partnership has gone from strength to strength and seen a whopping 20,000 devices rehomed to people who need them most.

Changing lives, one device at a time

The devices we redistribute through Community Calling are more than just phones, they’re lifelines. Imagine the job applications submitted, the doctor appointments scheduled, the calls to distant loved ones, and the countless selfies snapped.

By partnering with a network of incredible charities, community groups and local councils (like Migrant Help, Crisis, and Change Please), we’ve been able to reach and support a wide range of people, from survivors of domestic abuse and refugees to children with diabetes and those experiencing homelessness.

The impact has been profound and goes beyond device gifting: Community Calling devices are powered with free O2 mobile data from the National Databank and phone recipients are connected to digital skills training, ensuring they have the ability and confidence to navigate today’s digital world.

Maximising every donation

It’s not just the devices we rehome that have an impact! By partnering with Genuine Solutions, we’re able to make every phone count: any devices donated that are unsuitable for redistribution are recycled or sold, with the proceeds going back into the project. Genuine Solutions also support all beneficiaries with cables and chargers from reclaimed sources, keeping even more tech from becoming e-waste.

Help us reach even more people – donate your device

While we celebrate Community Calling’s achievements so far, we acknowledge there’s still a long way to go. According to Ofcom, 1.5 million homes in the UK still lack internet access. We need your help to continue bridging this digital divide.

Do you have an old smartphone sat in a drawer gathering dust (you wouldn’t be alone if so!)? Celebrate this milestone with us by donating it to Community Calling and make a real difference in someone’s life.

Learn more about Community Calling and how to donate your phone here.

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